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Black Cat Habitat

Black Cat Habitat is a soulful and shamelessly melodic indie-rock band out of the Trenton-Philadelphia area. Black Cat Habitat’s high-energy shows feature soaring choruses, texture-laden guitars, undeniable groove, and a back-beat-on-lock.

Performing original songs about longing, triumph, and finding your own habitat, Black Cat Habitat is led by singer-songwriter Rachel McCullough, with Neal Blumberg on lead guitar, Danny Walker on bass, and Jay B. Wade on drums.

Making new friends wherever they play, Black Cat Habitat loves sharing their rock-and-groove vibes to audiences of all ages.

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Press photos

Rachel McCullough  and Jay B. Wade

Neal Blumberg, Rachel McCullough, Danny Walker, Jay B. Wade (hidden by the smoke)

Press / Reviews

"To this writer’s ears, Maria McKee and Lone Justice came to mind hearing the beguiling “Jam the Signal,” the title song from BCH’s 2016 album. You can’t really liken it to most pop or rock, though, it evades comparison." - Susan Van Dongen, U.S. 1


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