From the recording Jam the Signal

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Written by Rachel McCullough.
Rachel McCullough - Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Pier Giacalone - Lead Guitar
Mark Carson - Bass (except Broke My Heart, played by Pier Giacalone)
Mike Wexler - Drums
Produced and Engineered by Pier Giacalone
Recorded and Mixed by Pier Giacalone at Hopetown Sound (Doylestown, PA)
Mastered by Fred Kevorkian at Avatar Studios (New York, New York)
Photography by Frank Pronesti


Somebody Brought You Home
(c) 2016 Rachel McCullough

I remember how you used to look far into space
Fear took over love and you fell far out of place

Words couldn't express the emptiness
You couldn't take anymore

Followed you until you held your own and you were safe
Loved you when you didn't know you could be

You were the sun and the moon to those you knew
But you couldn't see through walls

You had no place to go
All of the exits vanished until
Rain sanded the stone
Hurricane forces picked you up and

Somebody brought you home
Don't worry, You're not really, alone
Welcome my darling to your home

I have lived a life and seen the world through grown-up eyes
You could never reach the pinnacle no matter how you tried

When the alley way leads to a wall
You learn to stay still and quiet

No one has to explain
I can tell where you have been
You keep recalling the pain
Of a soldiering child's remembrance 'til

Somebody brought you home
You were, never alone
Welcome my darling to your

New world,
A new way of breathing in and out
So let go and cast off
Everything that's keeping you down

We are who we become
From experience and resolute scars
Flowering under the sun
'Cause there's not a whole lot that grows in the dark

Let somebody bring you home
Let unconditional love flow through your bones
Rest your head darling, this is your home