1. I Do

From the recording Ready to Bruise

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Recorded and mixed at QB Digital (Hamilton, NJ). Engineered by Lance Reichert. Produced by Lance Reichert and Rachel McCullough.


I Do
(c) 2011 Rachel McCullough

When I was in high school feeling so alone
I never dreamed I’d be building a home
And if you asked me would I do it all again
The rejection, acceptance, the heartache forever
The emptiness inside as I get my last ride

I do
I do
I do

I fought the war and never lost my nerve
Dare I give myself what I deserve
And if you ask me do I know myself enough
Of what I have to give and what I’m hoping for
To live with someone else without losing myself

I do
I do
I do

Here I am with you the one I love
I can’t believe this woman I’ve become
And if you asked me to step into your light
To stop all the running and walk by your side
Get rested ‘cause it’s gonna be mighty long night

I do