Ready to Bruise

by Black Cat Habitat

Released 2011
Released 2011
Soulful, melodic, bittersweet indie acoustic songs about love, longing and finding your own habitat are all dressed up in upbeat tunes framed with black eyeliner.
Debut EP from indie-pop Black Cat Habitat, with songs about the search for love, hope, acceptance, and well, finding your own habitat. Listeners describe singer-songwriter Rachel McCullough's (aka Deb) vocals as "captivating" and "wickedly sweet" evoking comparisons ranging from Chrissy Hynde to Harriet Wheeler. Ready to Bruise features the comfortable coolness of bassist extraordinaire and live-show regular ("I'm on my fourth bass") Wayne Taussig and quick-steady drummer Chris Allen on Ambushed, You are My Star, Ready to Bruise, and I Do. Matt Muir kicks out the beats and Adam Winokur layers on the guitar and bass with Light Shines On and Fortune Teller. The album starts in the dark with Ambushed (How Lucky You are) calling out stealth manipulators with "how lucky you are to be born without a heart, cause mine hurts all the time." Hope springs in a jaded world with the lazy love song You are My Star, "together we'll walk through the midst of the madness." Sweet harmonies are found in the title track Ready to Bruise, a song about taking chances, and yeah, even if it means getting banged up along the way. Fortune Teller reveals a wiser soul comforting the worry wart - even if you think you've "read the script a thousand times," you have no idea about what tomorrow may bring "my dear!" I Do is a love song, with Miss Independent, asking whether she can "live with someone else without losing myself"? High energy Light Shines On is the celebration of letting yourself have a voice (but "would you love me anyway?")